What Is Sojourner Truth's Speech Ain T I A Woman?

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Sojourner Truth delivered one of the most groundbreaking speeches on May 29, 1851 at a Women’s Convention in Akron, Ohio. The speech would be remembered for its candidness, authenticity, and empowering message. Truth, an emancipated slave, was illiterate and was not able to offer her speech in written form. She spoke openly about her experiences as not only a woman in the 19th century but as a black woman. Sojourner Truth empowered her audience with the belief that they could overcome race and gender inequality during a time the world would come to know as the Women’s Suffrage Movement. “Ain’t I A Woman?” was delivered during a time that rights were withheld from women, especially Negro women. Her speech was so powerful that it captured the attention…show more content…
In 1851, just 12 years before the Emancipation Proclamation was delivered, America was a very racist and sexist society, it is clear as to why these challenges would keep the crowd from openly receiving the content of her speech. However, the challenges that she faced did not keep her from delivering such a powerful message, one that emphasized the inclusion of black women in the consideration of women’s rights. The dominant culture of the 19th century, which is still the prevailing culture of today, was sexist just as much as it was racist. While idealistically they boasted of living in a chivalrous society that was equitable when it came to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, but realistically their actions and implementation was far removed. Sojourner addresses this by singling out a gentleman from the crowd that said “women need to be helped into carriages, and lifted over ditches, and have the best place everywhere.” After using

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