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Parvana the protagonist, has many powerful, direct influences in her life that impact her decisions and her further learning. But many life lessons occur from her personal experiences and her self-development. She begins to encounter difficult responsibilities of becoming a maturing adult figure for those around her, naturally turning into a teacher for others. Eventually though, through these experiences, she occasionally comes up against negative lessons that have a sharp effect on her willingness to contain this knowledge. Ellis displays traits of adult features throughout Parvana’s experiences, also how she is slowly advancing through unorthodox situations as a maturing child. As Parvana “for the first time notice[s] the tired line on Nooria’s face” she begins to…show more content…
As this type of scenario keeps arising, Parvana exclaims how she “need[s] a break…. [She doesn’t] want to see anything ugly a little while” explores how these scenarios are infiltrating her thoughts and life in a dissentious way. As her early experiences of the “real world” are already frightening her. Her longing “to be an ordinary kid again” triggers thoughts of wanting to detach from her forced adulthood. She didn’t wish this fate on herself, she would rather be a child, to have a normal upbringing instead of having the burden of knowing. Her familiarities with fear and terror builds an indestructible feeling of her not “want[ing] to know any more about death or blood or pain” from previous encounter with those things. She want to cut off all sources of new information and learning, as she is struggling to deal with the harsh reality. Fundamentally, Parvana find worth out of the experiences she comes across, but moments of uneasiness and confusion is noticeable, especially that associated with “toxic”

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