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The Headless Horseman Attacks J.W Eagen once said,“ Never judge a book by its movie.” This quote shows how different movies can be from the original story. Hollywood changes most of a story when turning it into a movie. There are many differences between the story and movie of Sleepy Hollow. These differences include Ichabod Crane, Katrina's affection, people leaving, the setting, the decapitation of the hessian, and the Headless Horseman. However, the biggest difference is the murders. The movie Sleepy Hollow is completely different than the book The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. In the story, Ichabod Crane was a school teacher. He would read stories and frighten himself when he had to walk in the dark. He would think of the stories while walking through the dark woods and get worried. However, in the movie Ichabod was a cop trying to find the killer. He would look at the decapitated bodies to find clues. He was queasy but still managed to investigate.…show more content…
Katrina chose opposite people though. In the story, she chose Brom and they got married. Ichabod never talks to them again. In the movie, she married Ichabod after Brom dies. Ichabod returns to New York City with Katrina and Young Masbath. Different people leave Sleepy Hollow. In the movie, Brom gets killed. He is no longer in Sleepy Hollow because of this. Ichabod stays to help stop the Headless Horseman. Whereas, in the movie Ichabod leaves after getting scared. A run in with the "Headless Horseman" scared him away and he never came back. The settings are in different places. Ichabod originally lived in Tarry Town. There was a nearby valley named Sleepy Hollow that he would visit. However, the movie Ichabod lived in New York City. He traveled to a town named Sleepy Hollow to help solve the mystery of the

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