President Andrew Johnson's Impeachment

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President Andrew Johnson was the first president of the United States of America to be impeached. Impeachment is when an official is accused of violating a law and a trial is held to find out a punishment, if needed. When president Lincoln was assassinated, Johnson being the vice president, was sworn into the presidential office in April of 1865. The term of president Johnson went from 1865 - 1869. Andrew Johnson was not one of our country's greatest leaders. As president he reinstated slavery but called them black codes, he made it so that the seceded southern states could easily rejoin the union, and he tried to get rid of his secretary of war, Edwin M. Stanton. Andrew Johnson tried many times to remove Stanton. Such as in the summer of 1867, Johnson asked Stanton to resign. By the end of all his troubles, Andrew Johnson removed Stanton and appointed Ulysses S. Grant. For trying to rid Stanton from his office, Johnson was violating the tenure-of-office act. This act states that the president doesn’t have the authority to remove certain officials from office. When this law was first introduced…show more content…
history. When the trial opened on March 30th, it was a huge moment for the U.S. The trial was held by the senate. The head of the senate's name was Ben Wade. If President Andrew Johnson was found guilty of the impeachment charges, Ben Wade would become president. Wade did want this to happen but only time would tell if Andrew Johnson's term would be cut to a short stop and our 18th president would be Ben Wade. Voting for the impeachment of Andrew Johnson took place on May 16th, 1867, and two more votes were gathered on May 26th, 1867. Andrew Johnson longed to go to the senate chamber and defend himself, but his lawyers discouraged him. So President Johnson stayed in the White House attending to work. Like the entire U.S. awaiting to hear if President Andrew Johnson was to be impeached or

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