Muddy Waters And King Essay

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Blues is a genre of music that generated in the deep south. It’s a mixture of African music and European folk music,spirituals, work songs, and chants. Blues became popular during the late 19th century. The most common blues scale is twelve-bar blues. Two of the many phenomenal blues singers, Muddy Waters and B.B. King, were important factors to the blues genre. They were two of the greatest musicians and made many successful achievements along the way. Waters and King were important because they worked hard to make sure a trace of there style was influenced in the music we listen to today. Muddy Waters was known as the “father of modern Chicago blues”. He became popular during the early post-war period. In 1943, Muddy went to Chicago with…show more content…
After his thirty year tenure with Chess records ended in 1975, he signed to Blue Sky label. His use of micro-tones in his vocals and slide playing made it difficult to duplicate and follow correctly. “Come Together” by The Beatles references Muddy Waters “He roller coaster/he got Muddy Waters”. The Rolling Stones named their band after one of Muddy’s 1950’s song “Rollin’ Stone”. Angus Young of AC/DC named Muddy Waters as one of his influences. Lots of rock bands today are influenced by Waters. There is no doubt that he left his trace behind in today’s music. Another blues sensation, B.B. King, also greatly influenced the blues genre. King was not only a singer, but a songwriter and guitarist as well. In 1949 he started recording songs under RPM records. During one show in Twist, Arkansas, a fight broke out between two men in the audience and caused a fire. Everyone evacuated but when the fire was diffused King went back to retrieve his guitar. He later found out that the fight was over a women named Lucille, so he named his guitar Lucille to remind himself to never fight over a women. Following his first number one Billboard hit single “3 O'clock Blues”, B.B. King became known as one of the most important names in

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