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Slavery happened all around the world. Colonization became one of the main reasons for slavery. Slavery that happened on USA is the most well-known slavery in the Americas. However, not everyone knows about the dark past of Brazil under the Portuguese colonization. Slavery in Brazil happened in a very long time and in a big scale. Brazil officially "discovered" in the 1500s, when the Portuguese fleet led by Pedro Álvares Cabral, landed at Porto Seguro. The initial objective of the Portuguese is simple: to monopolize trade and establish permanent settlements. Portuguese needs to establishing plantations increased, so did the need for labor. Portuguese tried to enslave the Indians, but many natives fled to the wood or die. Slavery continued when the Portuguese brought sugarcane to Brazil. Demand of worker increased along with the rapid advance of the sugar industry. Most slaves were taken from the Portuguese territory in western and southern Africa (Angola and Mozambique). Portuguese became a leader in the Atlantic slave trade with Brazil as the main destination with more than one million Africans. Around the 1600s, African slaves in Brazil began to fight for their freedom and independence. Communities of African people was formed and called the…show more content…
Throughout the 1700s and early 1800s, slavery 'eradicated' in the UK, North America, and France, while Brazil still has nearly one and a half million slaves. On the government side, the Portuguese royal family 'refuged' in Brazil due to the unstable situation from the growing power of Napoleon in Europe. Pedro I declared Brazil as an independent kingdom in 1822. Pedro II was the second ruler of the empire of Brazil. Although initially a conservative ruler, Pedro II finally recognizes the inherent unfairness of the system of

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