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Most people believe that slavery was always the base of the Colonial American economic system. This idea is wrong for the very fact that it wasn't the most viable source of profit until the late 1700s where it started it started to popularize itself and compete with other sources of labor. Slavery received the attention of plantation owners because it met the need for a docile source of labor, it provided a workforce able to do the arduous work, and its supply easily met the demand. As time passed in the colonies, the benefits received from indentured servantry weren't enough as to deal with the abruptive, untamable and undisciplined attitude of these servants, thus making it not profitable for landowners as efficiency declined. Slavery seemed appealing to plantation owners for slaves was a viable way of achieving a docile source of labor. Slaves didn´t speak back to their master, they only listen and do, they had no say and self-dominion over their actions plus slave´s sons were considered the master property too, therefore increasing productivity and efficiency to its maximum, without almost any opposition at all.…show more content…
The fertile soil of the South encouraged cash crops such as sugar and corn to be planted, however these crops required intensive labor which could only be satisfied in a profitable manner with the use of slaves for the labor required was almost considered abuse. Other landowners used indentured servants for these types of labors, however they always would had been sent to court for the charges of abuse from the excessive labor. This was not the case for slaves, so slavery was encouraged among plantation owners themselves, for it proved to be a way of achieving ambitions with no consequences at

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