What Is Slavery In America

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Slavery in America The life of African Americans in the United States in regards to migration can be described in two ways, forced and free. The forced migration from Africa via the transatlantic slave trade brought African people to America. It is believed that the first slaves were Africans brought to America aboard a Dutch ship to Jamestown, Virginia in 1619. It is believed that the master of the ship needed “provisions”, and traded some Africans that were on his ship. During the following 200 years, over 600,000 more slaves were brought over. According to Healey and O’Brien (2015), “In 1619, England and its colonies did not practice slavery, so these first Africans were probably incorporated into colonial society as indentured servants, contract laborers who are obligate to serve a master for a specific number of years” (p.103). Even though the colonies did not practice slavery, it increased and they learned that there was a large profit to be made by using cheap human labor. This demand grew, and slavery had begun.…show more content…
These laws were sometimes referred to as slave codes and outlined the various punishments slaves would receive for different things such as trying to escape and learning to read. The slave codes also addressed the responsibilities of the slave owners, such as the prohibition to hide slaves or pay for any work they performed. By the late 1700s slavery had been clearly defined and the idea that a person could own another-not just the labor or the energy or the work of a person, but the actual person had been institutionalized (Healy and O’Brien, 2015.
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