Master's Depiction Of Slavery

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mother was a household slave. Her first master was a “very harsh, selfish man,” but he was rarely home because he was away at sea. When she was twelve, she was sold off to another master because her previous one could not afford to keep her, which separated her from her mother. She describes at length how it felt to be up for sale as a slave. She paints a picture in the reader’s mind of how it looked by describing the scene. “He took me by the hand, and led me out into the middle of the street, and, turning me slowly round, exposed me to the view of those who attended the vendue.” She then continues her illustration by using the analogy that the men who examined her handled her the same way that a butcher would a calf or a lamb he was about to purchase.…show more content…
The daily labor was excruciating on the body and if one could not keep up with the rest of the slaves, they were severely punished. Prince writes of the treatment received by a man the name of Daniel who had a bad hip who could not keep up with the work. “Our master would order him to be stripped and laid down on the ground, and have him beaten with a rod of rough briar till his skin was quite red and raw.” She then continues to describe how Daniel’s flesh was forced under salt, which caused him to be in agonizing pain. Later in her life, when her now husband Daniel James and her master Mrs. Woods were in England, Mrs. Woods continued to treat her just as poorly as she did in the West Indies. Even though Prince’s doctor advised that she was very old and ill, Mrs. Woods still made her work just as hard and do actions that would only increase her illness and/or poor body condition. Prince was always treated

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