Sir Gawain Reflection

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Description If someone were to read my journal in its entirety, he or she would discern how my journal depicts the values of the author’s messages. My journal is composed of entries from stories we read for homework assignments. After re-reading my journal entries, I realized that my life’s circumventions not only influences the way I perceive the writings of these old authors, but additionally integrates with my judgment while reading stories. Within my entries, I espied many connections with faith, religion, and god. As a matter of fact, I believe my writings that connect to God, are inspired by my inner soul, because I was raised in a religious family. Each entree I admit to my journal on average is generally about a page in length and the total journal entries comprised is 13. Each of my entries consists of writings that display a setting, religion, main character,…show more content…
They additionally compel me to recollect categorical paramount scenes, which guide me to understand many of the messages the authors are endeavoring to portray throughout their stories. In one of my entries for Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, I wrote, “I didn’t understand why the queen was so desperate for Gawain; they just met.” On his adventure, Gawain received many temptations from the queen, but later on in the story I came to realize that was only just an act from the king to analyze Gawain's characteristics. If I didn’t have a writer’s journal, I never would have came across this worthwhile writing. Keeping, reading and perpetually integrating more to this writer’s journal has influenced me to reflect upon my life, faith, challenges, and temptations in a more positive way, just like Beowulf and Gawain put their faith in God for the insanity facing them. If one were to read my sample entries, one would expect my journal to be packed with action, religion, suspense, and
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