Sir Gawain And The Green Knight Character Analysis

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In the Romance Novel, Sir Gawain and The Green Night, Sir Gawain plays a character who believes that he is unworthy and less important. Furthermore, The Green night portrays to be an Outspoken, and a disrespectful character to King Author and his Knights. That is to say, Sir Gawain takes on a task to defend his King and his other fellow knights. Sir Gawain’s bravery against the feisty Green Knight, will demonstrate one man trying to give a lesson to another through a challenge. The setting is during Christmas and New Years as the King and Knights celebrate at the castle. In Essence, The Green knight will come and demand a challenge on the king. In the noble story, Sir Giwain and The Green Knight face a challenge in hopes to win a victory for themselves. First, it is New Years and Christmas at the…show more content…
On the first day Sir Gawain begins his hunt, but the Lords Wife enters the room where she tries to seduce him with her beautiful looks but, Sir Gawain declined. Sir Gawains Value for the first day was a kiss from the Lords Wife after she had given him a kiss after Sir declined her. Moreover, when he met with the host he gives him a kiss from his valuables of the first day. On the second day, the Lords wife comes in and gives him a second kiss but two kisses instead. The third day, she attempts to give him a ring, but he declined to give her anything or take anything he couldn’t afford. Above all, she decides to give him a green sash and tells him that it would protect him from his own death. Sir Gawain accepts the sash because he is reminded that the challenge is coming off and he could possibly get his head cut off. The next day he turns in all his findings except the sash. He leaves to go look for the Green Knight. Whereas, he meets the green knight, and the green knight reveals himself as the Lord that he previously resided

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