Why Is Chivalry Alive

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Chivalry is alive, but alive in different terms than the Medieval time period. The focus of chivalry began with the special treatment of ladies. Today, chivalry is shown by plain respect and courtesy. Chivalry is not dead, it has just changed how people express it. It has changed by the way women expect it, the way men exemplify it, and the way society views it. Chivalry should stay the same in our society. First off, in this day and age, females want equality. On the other hand, they want to be treated like ladies. There is a fine line between those two. That line is called respect. According to an article by Emily Smith, over 80 percent of people who reside in the United States say that women are shown less chivalry than in the past (Smith 2). In terms of chivalry, women are depicted as meek, or submissive to men. In terms of feminism, women are strong, independent, and confident women. People need to respect all other people, but chivalry and feminism cannot be shown at the same time. A small act of kindness, such as paying for dinner, is an act of chivalry. Acts of chivalry and feminism can be shown as small gestures and both still be alive in today's culture.…show more content…
If they're not, they aren't being gentlemen. It is hard for men to be chivalrous, as well as letting women be independent. In this century, men show acts of chivalry in small gestures. These acts could consist of paying for dinner, opening the door, or even just complimenting a woman. Today, chivalry is more kindness than actual chivalry. In Smith's article, the chivalry men showed when the Titanic sank was mentioned. Three-fourths of women were saved because of the due fact that men sacrificed their own lives. People today are more egocentric and wouldn't sacrifice their own life unless it is somebody they care about

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