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1. If I knew nothing else about Mesopotamian society, from the Code of Hammurabi/10 Commandments I would conclude that the economy was fitted and that the society was very strict and organized. In addition, I would say that the economy was based on agriculture and trade; some workers were specialists, including physicians, tavern keepers, and house builders. Furthermore, I would say that the economy used contracts and money, and some economic activities, such as ox-cart hiring and certain types of surgery. 2. After reading both set of laws, I could say that the laws clearly establish how the class divisions/social distinctions in the ancient world are alike. The social groups mentioned in both set of laws were split into the elites, judges,…show more content…
To me, justice, is the act of fairness towards everyone regard of gender, race and class. 5. The principals of justice that underlay the Code of Hammurabi can be defined as based on retribution. This code is known as the eye for eye principal and sometimes the accused and the accuser are both jeopardized in some situations. In addition the Code of Hammurabi and the 10 commandments show that law is not equal for all but rather the punishments are linked to social class and gender. In addition the principals in both deal with corporal and fine- based punishments for the victims and the criminals. 6. Based on my knowledge so far, I would say that Hammurabi code did find success with their system of justice. Even though a number of aspects of the code appeared unjust or unusual, including the lack of equality for all under the law and the reliance on strictly corporal and fine-based punishments without the option of confinement, I think the Code allowed King Hammurabi to keep the entire nation in order. The severe punishments designed to serve fear into the people, allowed the people not to be tempted to break the laws. So even though the laws might look unjust to the citizens now, they did help in shaping the nation. Along with the Code, I think the 10 commandments find a little bit of less success because the commandments didn’t state the severe punishments as the Hammurabi Code did. The 10 commandments simply state what to do and what not to do which, I think, using my own

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