Sinners In The Hands Of An Angry God Analysis

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“Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God” by Jonathan Edwards was written about 300 years ago in Connecticut. This article was written during the colonial era of America, while the nation was blooming and still in progress. New settlers were seeking for an opportunity where they would be able to worship freely under no religious maltreatment like that of their countries ( Religion was a critical topic during the time of early American settlement. Colonial leaders were conflicted on religion and how it should be handled or practiced. Colonists had a mixture of religions, including Quakers, Catholics, Lutherans, Baptists, and Anglicans ( Edwards, I presume, was a devout Christian searching for lost souls…show more content…
He believed that sinners were nothing but worthless to God once the sin was committed. Sin is a crime, and the penalty is death. Many also agreed with Edward’s strict and oppressive opinion on the religious lifestyle. Today, lifestyles have changed. The state of North Carolina is known to be in the region of the United States called the “bible belt.” The bible belt is an area of America where evangelism and fundamentalism is highly exercised, as well as having a great attendance of Christian churches that is superior to the nation’s average ( This region takes Christianity to a whole new level. One will find a Southern Baptist around the corner with a friendly smile on their face, drinking a cold glass of sweet tea and using the word “y’all” in almost every other sentence. These people believe that the only way of getting into Heaven is through the salvation and blood of Jesus Christ. To successfully reach salvation, one must confess his/her sins and recognize his/her faith in God. Southern Baptists use the everlasting love of God to spread His word, in order to save lost souls. Some do as Jonathan and shove Jesus down other’s throats. Others, like these Baptists, take the biblical path and preach the Word of God how it should. Jonathan’s strategy is much more aggressive and frightening, which will do nothing but scare people away. Although, the bitter tone could achieve some effect because the reader or the audience may feel remorse or terror towards the sin and immediately
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