Sinners In The Hands Of An Angry God Analysis

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Fear, the emotion triggered by a real or fictional threat, is evident throughout every time period. For the Puritans, going to Hell was an everyday threat. The sermon, written and preached by Jonathan Edwards, “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God” drove into the hearts of many eighteenth century Christians. Inspired by this is the artwork labeled “Son of Man” by an anonymous artist, which not only depicts the downfall of man, but it is also used to give a more realistic view of the death that is waiting and persuade the viewers to draw closer to God in faith and lifestyle. This sketch of a man with a Hebrew tattoo that says “Son of Man” is depicting the imminent execution of someone who put their faith into Man rather than God. The blade…show more content…
Those viewers are not a part of a specific, targeted group. This is to all sinners, which includes every human on this planet, from the date it was made until forever after. The credibility of this artwork is that it is based off of a prominent sermon that was used to scare people into being good Christians hundreds of years ago. Used from Edwards’ Geneva Bible in his sermon, the Proverbs verse 20:2 was used to bring out a sincerity of what eternal misery would be. From the Bible, Edwards went to show that “whoso provoketh him to Anger, sinneth against his own Soul” and this is accurately shown in this horrific execution scene (16). God’s wrath is being released through the death of this Sinner and the branding of the tattoo is his permanent binding to his eternal death. The mood is drawn from a combination of the title “Son of Man” and the dark colors used. The title, in the form of a tattoo, is more of a branding to the picture rather than the title. It is almost a blemish to the man and is a symbol of his death. The colors are dark and give an ominous feel, which is supported by the bleeding sword hanging above the man’s
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