Simon Birch

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Results Matter ,Not Intentions “The vast majority of harm and evil in this world is done by many people who think what they are doing is good. It’s not the thought that counts.” Have you ever heard people say this quote or have you heard people say “It’s the thought that counts.” Most people say, “It’s the thought that counts.” to make them feel better about something someone thought of getting ,but never did. You hardly ever hear people say, “It’s not the thought that counts ,it’s the action.” There are a lot of people that think the thought is the most important thing when you think about someone or something. The truth is that it’s not what you thought about doing and never did it or forgot because actions mean more than thoughts…show more content…
The movie Simon Birch you can see that the action was more important ,than the intentions. In the movie Simon is on the baseball team with his best friend Joe ,and Simon doesn’t usually pitch because he can’t hit the ball hard enough. Simon’s couch finally lets him pitch ,his team is doubting the Simon Birch will make a high pitch. Then Simon Pitched the ball as hard as he could ,and the ball was the highest they have ever seen him do. Simon was proud of himself because he knew he could make a high pitch ,but then when the ball was coming to the ground the ball went out and hit Joe’s mother right in the temple and killed her. Simon felt horrible about what happened and Joe was sad and mad at Simon. After some time Joe and Simon were best friends again and Joe was on a quest to find his father and tell him the bad news about his mother. Simon’s intentions were to make everyone proud of him and he can show everyone that he can make a high pitch ,but his intention went down hill and killed his friends mother. Everyone saw that Simons actions were more important than his intentions ,because he never want to kill Joe’s mother that acted like a mother to him it just

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