I Wish To Go Back Short Story

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As I ride down he old dirt road for the last time I feel an unsatisfying feeling in my stomach. I wish, oh, how I wish to go back. Back to the days, when the skies were blue, and the grass a happy green. Where the trees bloomed with bright leaves and the bird sang their sweet tunes. When I was with the one I love; my one and only. I wish, I wish I could go back back to the good old days. But we grow up, and we leave, live our lives and eventually leave this earth once and for all. I wish to go back to those golden days; the good old days. In the year 1969 there was a girl and boy. Myself, Jesse an 18 year old boy with a lot of personality so to say. I was a senior in high school and felt like I could rule the world. I was a the hottest guy in school, well, according to all the girls at my school. I also played football. I was the starting quarterback. Laura, I don’t even know where to start. She was smart, pretty and was friends with almost everyone. Everyone liked her. She was voted class president all four of her high school years and always got straight A’s. She also was a cheerleader. We were perfect couple, the cute cheerleader and the football star. So…show more content…
We went off went to college and I got the courage ask her to marry me. She said yes; we finished our school and moved out to a little farm and had many memories. We had our first real house together, raised our kids there, we laughed, cried and made memories there. Nothing could replace that house. The most valued place on that whole farm was the old birch tree. We loved that tree. We had a swing; We would talk for long hours and let anything off our chest. One night we took a pocket knife and carved our initials into the old birch tree. I will never forget that day. It still is crystal clear in my mind. Ever since I lost my dear Laura that tree is a reminder that she is forever my one and only. I love
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