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Bolivar's Dream for Latin America Simon Bolivar was known as for the liberation of the entire world of slavery. His dream was to make union of all the countries that would overcome the powerful regional differences in South America. He was a revolutionary who freed six countries. Bolivar was born, on July 24th, 1783, to wealth and privileged family in Venezuela they were owners of plantations and mines with slaves. His target was simplify having liberty in Latin America. For Bolivar liberty did not simply mean freedom but for true independence from the Spanish under a liberal construction. He wanted equality for all people whatever their class or race. He accomplished this by being a victorious solider, although he had no military tanning.…show more content…
Bolivar became its first president on December 17, 1819. However he faced many challenges before and after this. When the royalist couldn’t take any more of his “rebalances” the Spanish ordered a fleet of 10,000 men from Europe. It was the largest counter attack ever to hit South America and outnumbered and out gunned Bolivar once again, eventually he had to retreat to Haiti for some time. He also faced challenges when he and his men had to ride horses over 800 miles to launch a surprise attack on the Spanish. He crossed the Andes Mountains that neither he nor his men were prepared for. 2,000 of the original 3,000 survived due to the sleet, icy winds, and rain exposer. However he still won the battle. Bolivar marched over 2 million square miles which was the largest land covered by any general on a horse. Bolivar worked with Colombia’s liberator, Francisco de Miranda he was a general for Bolivar but later became enemies because Francisco thought Columbia had its own destiny instead of being a part of the union. Fifteen years later when Bolivar finally gained independence it was so his dream was accomplished. However he was a president, protector and general of many different countries. Disgusted with

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