Similarities Between Romeo And Juliet

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“Romeo and Juliet” along with “Hamlet” may be two of Shakespeare’s best-known plays. The characters and the story have been portrayed multiple times and even been adapted into movies still to this day. Shakespeare’s works are classics and each one has various similarities that make the works stand out and make Shakespeare’s work recognizable. The heart of Shakespeare's tragedies is the illustration of some of the greatest ironies of life, which are defeat, disappointment, and eventually death. As human beings these are concerns that will face us all at some point causing Shakespeares tragedies to be something everyone can relate to. Shakespeare’s tragic literature confronts the reader over and over again throughout “Romeo and Juliet” as well as “Hamlet”. The literary techniques in the plays are not classic elements of tragedy but do express tragedy throughout.…show more content…
Each play is especially focused on one of the leading roles. Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet are the leading roles in their plays. It is significant that each poem has some type of love story within it and that everyone pretty much dies in the end, the dying obviously makes it a tragedy. Shakespeare’s tragedies deal with one of the biggest things that happens in everyone’s life; death. Shakespeare’s works do not give a solution to the problem and the plays do not tell the reader that life is meaningful in spite of defeat and disappointment. Shakespeare’s works leave the reader feeling a sense of hopelesnesss at the end. Not only have the main characters died but many other supporting roles have died as well, for no good reason even. The characters’ are all dead and nothing positive came out of the story line. The way the characters have gone is strange and from a miscalculation and accident. These plays affirm that death is inevitable and challenges the reader to accept
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