Romeo And Juliet Comparative Essay

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Romeo & Juliet and The West Side Story emulate in so many ways. The numerous characters from The West Side Story resemble some of the characters from Romeo & Juliet, considering the fact that West Side Story’s character situations favour Romeo and Juliet’s character problems. Even though the two stories are from different time frames, they share similar scenes. Majority of the scenes from Romeo & Juliet are recreated by The West Side Story, in a more modern-day quality, while Romeo & Juliet has more of an olden day feature. Even though these two films are written in two different time frames, they contain some indistinguishable traits within the settings, notwithstanding the location, but the comprehensive way it looks. Overall these two tragedies…show more content…
Juliet wants to love Romeo but Capulet, Lady Capulet, and Count Paris are telling her do otherwise, marry someone rich, handsome, and a Capulet. Juliet on the other hand has Romeo, a Montague in the back of her head wanting to marry him instead of marrying Paris, a man she has no interest in. Maria wants to love Tony considering the fact that he is a Shark and her brother, Bernardo and her father wants her to be with someone from their own community, the Jets. In that one example you saw that there is a similarity between the two characters, despite the little differences. Lord Montague of Romeo & Juliet and Bernardo of The West Side Story share a very similar problem, even though Bernardo is not a father and Lord Montague is, he acts as a father figure. Lord Montague goes through the struggle of wanting his only daughter, Juliet, to marry the perfect guy but she wants otherwise. Tony has a sister, Maria, that wants to marry a former Shark, but her big brother Bernardo really wants her to get what she really deserves, a good Puerto Rican man. The problem with both of the men is their little girl is starting to make very bold and brave decisions, that they do not approve of. When they try to stop their little girl’s feelings, the girls retaliate, by going off to be with the Montague or the Shark. Even though this is only
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