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Sexualization in Pop Music In todays day, the pop music industry is filled with iconic stars that push the boundaries of promiscuity. The riskier the artist’s music and attire, the more albums they sell. This provocative behavior dates back to the 80s where the initial boundaries for women in the industry were broken. Promiscuity directly correlates with the rate of success young women in the industry attain. Fame for women in this industry is no longer based on talent alone, it is a combination of beauty, sexuality and talent; With talent being the least important attribute. To stay relevant, women have to sexualize themselves in ways that male artists do not. The boundaries for women in this industry have been broken, and in the 21st century, women artist will do whatever it takes to stay on top of the charts, even if it includes exposing their bodies and demoralizing…show more content…
They would compromise their image for cheap publicity just to stay relevant, however, there were artists, who were able to keep a positive image and still break the glass ceiling for women. Taylor Swift for example was able to keep her “girl next door” image in the media and have her music play a leading role in her career. She was recognized more for what she had to say than for the way she dressed. She was the perfect illustration of a strong, independent role model for young teens and children proving that sexualizing a woman’s body was not the only way to get ahead. It was artists like Taylor who took Madonnas views on women and challenged them. Even though Madonna had become one of the most powerful woman in the industry, she gained her fame through ways that exploited her body and set a bad example for women all over. Sexualizing the woman’s body has been one of the main reasons why pop culture has changed drastically and took a turn for the

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