Great Gatsby Dialectical Journal

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Chapter 1 “Good boys don’t fight,” said mom, when I asked her about fighting. But when I asked dad about it, he said,” it is okay to fight, but only if it is necessary.” I was confused. If I refused to fight, Toby always gave me a beating in front of my friends. But if I tried to fight, he used to beat me up anyways. He was big – too big, and I was small, weak and not so tough. I wished that I was tough like Toby – no, no! I wished I was tougher than him, because I could beat him up that way. It was always hard for me to step out of my classroom at recess. Because I knew that Toby was out there somewhere, lurking around my classroom, waiting for me to come out so that he could give me a wedgie. It was so embarrassing. I couldn’t talk to Mrs.…show more content…
I had a big wooden box and I kept all my things in it for safe-keeping. There were lots of balloons in it of different colors – there was every color: Red, Blue, Pink, Orange, Yellow and… many other colors too. Red was my favorite, so I decided to hit him with that color first. Red was a guys, a superhero, who helped the good guys and beat up the bad guys, so he was going to be my side-kick. Blue was a gentleman, who was clever and brilliant and amazing, so I decided to use it after red. And pink was a girl superhero, who had the powers to beat up bullies too. Orange was an old guy, but very powerful. And yellow was quick like a… like Flash the superhero, but yellow was a superhero of its…show more content…
I had to be quick and sneaky. I went down stairs, looking around, making sure that mom and dad weren’t there. So I went into the garden, and again looked around to make sure that nobody was watching me. I was quite. Nobody knew what I was up to as long as I was not wearing my shoes. I walked towards the pipe and started to fill my balloons with water. It was cold. Dad was watering the flowers but then he left the pipe there and the water was still running. I had to be quick. I filled my balloons with water very quickly and then I ran back upstairs. I was trying to be as fast as I could. I was ready. I was wondering whether the rest of the students had done their job or not. I could not sleep that night. I was thinking about teaching Toby a lesson. It was planning for a long time and finally it was time when I could tell Toby that he was no more a bully at our school anymore and if he would try to bully anyone of us again, then everybody would stand up against him and beat him up. Then the next day, I was very happy. I got up early, took a bath and then I did my breakfast. Mom packed some lunch for me, but I didn’t let her put it in my back. I just grabbed it and ran off into the school bus. Chuck was sitting there. He passed a smile as I sat by

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