Similarities Between Mesopotamia And Egyptian Death

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Mesopotamian, Egyptian, and Hindu had a similar understanding about death, but they differed in small things. Death is a part of life. Death is the part of life that everyone fears of when their day shall come. Everyone has a belief of what the afterlife will bring, and how the burial will be done. Death is something most many do not like because of what it brings. The tombs, mummies, and so on today lead us to understand what these three believed what death actually was to each single one of them. Each believed in their own myths, literatures, and so on what death meant. Mesopotamian believed that death also sickness occurred because it was the price of sin. The religion of Mesopotamian based their death on was Judaism and Christianity. The…show more content…
The main and important thing for the ancient Egyptians was to make sure that the body was preserved. That’s how the mummies come to play. Today if you think about Egypt many have an idea that it is all pyramids, camels, and mummies. They don’t know that Egypt has developed like the rest of the world and it’s not the Ancient Egypt anymore. Pallis states “Other important attributes were an individual’s khu (“spiritual intelligence”), sekhem (“power”), khabit (“shadow”), and ren (“name”). The Egyptians had certain things that were important to them, and it couldn’t be messed with. Religion was an important thing for the…show more content…
Pallis claims that “the world was a total void, except for “one thing, breathless, yet breathed by itsown nature. This is the first recorded insight into the importance of respiration to potential life.” The Hindus believe that their souls will rebirth and reincarnate. They believe that their souls is jiva, and that their souls are “immortal” and “imperishable.” The main book about Hinduism is Rigveda. Rigveda is actually to be considered the oldest book known to man. The book has 1,028 poems which are classified in 10 “circles.” (Pallis). Many of these poems discuss death, and reincarnation. Some discuss that it really didn’t talk about reincarnation, but many Hindus can point out exact verses from poems to prove them it did indeed mention reincarnation. There is an art piece called “Reincarnation” and it exposes how one soul travels from one body to another. The picture has a line that goes from one person to another, and to another person. The last soul that the art shows is a person praying. Reincarnation is one of the number one thing that Hindus believe will happen to their body when they pass. Reincarnation is practically a soul of person traveling to a different soul. Hindus also believe animals can reincarnate as

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