Similarities Between Creation Myths

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Introduction Before science was able to explain natural events, humans used stories to give reason to these natural occurrences. In modern day, these stories are referred to as myth. However, regardless of its origins, many myths have a remarkable amount of similarities and overlap. The best examples of this can be seen in creation myths and the destruction myth of the flood story. Creation myths date back to over 1000 BC and are often used to explain how the world came to be. However, they can also be used as a form of entertainment; story telling or dramatic productions during festivals. The myths from Mesopotamian and Egyptian creation myths hold many similarities. However, most of these similarities are found in the creation myths from…show more content…
The main difference between these two stories is the creation of the Earth. In Enuma Elis the god Marduk creates the Earth and Heavens with the body of the slain Tiamat. However, in the Egyptian myth, as each god is born, so too are the elements of the earth they represent. For example, the sun God Atum represents the sun and light. When he was born, so too was light. The similarities between these two myths serve as a representation of important beliefs as well as traditions of mankind in history. The differences in both myths signify that although many cultures are similar they are ultimately not the same and have their own distinct beliefs and traditions. Destruction Myths: Atrahasis and the Genesis Flood Narrative It is often believe that the Genesis Flood Narrative is a later version of the tale of Atrahasis. This is not surprising considering that the plots of both stories are almost identical. The basic structures of both myths are as follows: • A God warns a man of a flood that will sweep through the land destroying all forms of life • The man must build a boat or structure to house himself and his family, as well as different species of animals • The flood arrives and the man closes the doors to his boat and waits until the flood is over • Flood washes away evil and destroys a large population of
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