Catholic Social Justice Principles

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Catholic Social Justice is centered around several key principles, The Catholic Social Justice Principles (CSJP) these principles are about the whole person and everyone’s place in society and creation. An understanding of the principles can allow a person to live the values and teachings of the prophet Jesus. A fulfilling and enriching life to help and protect others and God's creation can be fulfilled by understanding the principles and living by the way in which God strives us to do. They help people develop positively in the community and is a guide to what people search for in life and the realisation of the meaning of God is Love'. Forming the foundation of the 10 key principles of Catholic Social Justice is the awareness of a humans unique dignity created in the image and likeness of God; God has imprinted his own image and likeness on human beings (Gen 1:26) creating them full of love, compassion and justice. It is from that pure, founding and first principle that the others were formed. For example the respect for human life principle Human Dignity was formed on the belief that at every stage of development, from conception to natural death, life is precious and needs to be protected and respected. And also the principle of The Option for the Poor where the Gospels call us to place the needs of the poor and vulnerable first, so that their needs as well as the common good may be…show more content…
The Beatitudes are not as strict and straight forward compared to the ten commandments; If we follow these teachings we will be blessed and will found ourselves with a greater understanding of how to live our lives in a just manner. Calling us, as Christians, to be different than everyone else, standing out from the crowd and breaking down the division between the poor and vulnerable; not only in the economical factors but the social and emotional factors affecting

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