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Ice Fishing Gear When many people think of fishing they have a picture in their mind of a fisherman sitting in a boat or on a pier in the summer with a fishing pole cast into the water. However, ice fishing has given the sport a whole new meaning! Ice fishing can be a thrilling experience for those who enjoy the social aspect of being on the ice with others or for those who enjoy the quiet solitude of the winter landscape. One thing that is essential, however, is quality ice fishing gear. Here are some basic things you will need before you hit the ice: The very least you will need is a rod, a reel, a hook, lines, bait, a stool to sit on, and of course a current fishing license. Wax worms or meal worms are the easiest to keep alive in cold weather…show more content…
Fish bite more softly in the winter months so buying spring bobbers or tip ups will help you detect when the fish have bitten. You can opt to use pre drilled holes made by other fisherman and if you choose to do this you will want to bring something with you to break the thin ice that will form over the holes as time passes. If you enjoy drilling your own holes you will need an ice auger or digging bar. A manual auger is perfectly fine if you are digging through a small amount of ice. To form a hole in ice that is more than two feet deep you will probably want a gas powered auger. A gas powered auger will enable an angular to drill hundreds of holes per day as they follow the pools of biting fish. And let’s not forget one of the most important pieces of ice fishing gear: proper attire! Without the proper clothing a wonderful ice fishing experience can turn into a miserable excursion. You will need to ensure that you have thick waterproof clothing INCLUDING waterproof boots to ward off the cold associated with melting ice. You may also want to consider a good pair of ice cleats and ice spikes to help you

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