Similarities Between Hitler And Stalin

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Mustafa Hitler vs Stalin Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler were the true form of totalitarian government and they are the most recognizable names when talking about absolute power. Joseph Stalin was the ruler of Soviet Union, who initiated the 5 year plans, the purges and the collectivization during his era which caused millions of casualties in his own country. Similarly, Adolf Hitler was the ruler of Germany, the fuhrer of the third Reich and also leader of the Nazi. His tactics let to WWII, he also caused the holocaust because of his fascist ideology. They were vicious and harsh leaders as their policies and decisions killed millions. Both Stalin and Hitler became ruler and important figures in their respected country with the help of people’s trust in them. In Germany, during the 1920s, democracy- Weimar republic was building its roots and Germany saw its golden years with good policies, but as living conditions depleted and inflation and unemployment rose, the people were convinced that a more authoritative government can only help them, Hitler, therefore, used the opportunity by winning people’s hearts and was elected as the ruler. Similarly, Stalin was one of the chief operatives of the Bolsheviks’, became close to Lenin. His sources…show more content…
But, both used different methods to achieve their goals; Hitler became ruler in a short time as it only took him over a year, President Hindenburg replaced Kurt von Schleicher was replaced by Hitler as the chancellor when he failed to create a coalition. Hitler had joined the Nazi party, the Nazi party won importance because of their political actions and soon banned all other parties making Germany a single party state, Stalin slowly kept climbing the stairs, building his positions and finally removed all other

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