10 Rhetorical Terms In Steel Worker

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Mike LeFevre, Steel Worker Choose 10 vocabulary words from the chapter, ten minimum Anatomical-Something relating to the body, structurally. Automation-A process of making something work automatically. Bonderizer-In steel or metal working, something that is used to coat the steel to help resist corrosion or rust. Continuum-When two things are connected or seamed together carefully that you cannot tell where one part starts and the other part ends. Degrading-To disrespect someone or to treat someone inhumanely. Effete-Weak or decadent as a result of over refinement. Perpetual-Indefinite or occurring endlessly. Posterity-Descendants of a person. Pseudo-Fake or false. Utopia-An imaginary place where everything is perfect. B) 1. The text was written…show more content…
During this year, Richard Nixon becomes the first president to visit China. Kim Il-Song becomes president of North Korea. 4. The text was written in the United States but it does not indicate where specifically. During the publishing of the book, the Equal Rights Amendment was passed and this provided equality between sexes. 5. This relates to modern day business because it gives you the labor worker and his life from his point of view. His struggles, his thoughts, his hopes and dreams for his kids. He gives insight to that of the ‘higher standard of living’ when he talks about how he wants his kids to be smarter than him and have a better lifestyle. 6. Reading this text, one might think that this person is miserable with their life but in reality they are not. It really makes you see how what is embedded in our brains to get more and better the lifestyle of oneself. It makes you think about education and how it correlates with the successes in life or how it might aid in raising you to a certain class in society. The reading is very enjoyable and makes you think critically about the steel worker’s point of view of life and how he sees his children in the future.…show more content…
Because he cannot put his stamp on it like a painter does with his painting or a civil engineer and the building he creates. Mike only works with steel so he never sees the end result and never sees the finished product that Mike himself made. 3. The similarities are that every day is relatively the same. Throughout the work week, you get up eat breakfast, get ready for work, go to work, come home, go to sleep and repeat. It becomes a monotonous thing and we get desensitized because it is a repetitive thing. 4. There are symptoms that indicate workers are unfulfilled and alienated from the purpose of life. If you are miserable at work it is one thing but if you cannot find something outside of work that keeps you entertained or if you cannot enjoy any leisure time either with your kids or your spouse. 5. Spending more time with his family. He mentions how if on a weekend, he sat and read all day then he would be wasting that as a chance to go to the park. He also mentions how if he could be a college student to live that care free life or being single and not have priorities like he does with having kids

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