How Is Winston Churchill A Hero

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Although many people criticized his decisions throughout his political career, Winston Churchill’s decision making and leadership in World War II proved him to be a true patriot, who tirelessly worked towards the welfare of his country making him a hero to the people of his country and others around the world. Winston Churchill truly showed leadership and heroism throughout his eventful career. His tenacity and perseverance lead him to make ambitious decisions that would eventually benefit his country. However Churchill was criticized for his decision making in WWI and he was often called irrational throughout his political career. His services and efforts were all focused on the people of his nation and his aggressive mentality made him a great leader. A hero is defined through his words and actions and Winston Churchill was a hero because of his actions in WWII, his gifted and talented oration, and his difficult road to being a leader and how he persevered. Churchill proved to be a true…show more content…
When Churchill had every excuse to give up he kept on going with his life, instead of letting his disadvantages overcome him he looked for every way to succeed. Being raised by his nanny alone, and having a mother who had affairs with other men, he had to develop independence. Unknowingly, his experiences of overcoming his tough beginnings and working hard to become something of himself, makes him a hero to all who work hard every day to go where they want to go in life. The way he persevered is a one that other students and people of any age who look to achieve their goals, should aspire to

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