What Are The Similarities Between Joseph Stalin And Hitler

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Two Men, One Goal Two of the most well know men during World War II were Joseph Stalin of Russia and Adolf Hitler of Germany. The two men were the totalitarian leaders of two different countries. Although they were on opposing sides of the war, Stalin and Hitler were extremely similar in many ways. With their totalitarian beliefs they treated people in similar manors, had similar fears while being a ruler, and even had slightly similar lives. Joseph Stalin was born on December 21, 1879 in Gori, Georgia, which was part of Russia's empire in western Asia. His father was an alcoholic and died of fight wounds when Stalin was young. In 1894 Stalin won a scholarship, which allowed him to attend the theological seminary in Tbilisi. He was a good student for the first year, but after that he started rebelling against the school's rules. He was expelled from the seminary in 1899. While working as a bookkeeper at the Tbilisi observatory, he met members of a group called the Social Democrats, who were…show more content…
The philosophy of man in Marxism is that humanity is defined by its ability to meet its needs. This is done by labor put into natural materials. These natural materials benefit everyone, not just the person doing the labor. In Marxism the government is controlled by society and the government is put into power through a revolution. The people's role is to work and produce materials for everyone, not just themselves. The people control both the production and the distribution of goods. After Karl Marx's death in 1883 parts of the Marxism ideology altered and sometimes changed. This was done in order to suit the needs of those using the ideology and to also accommodate communism, which was practiced by Vladimir Lenin in the early 1900s. This hybrid was called Marxism-Leninism, communism, or socialism (Marxism, 2002, pg. 211-

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