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Venus Marina, Pompeii The Venus Marina, Pompeii (62-79 AD) conveys the story/myth of the birth of Venus (Aphrodite in Greek) in many ways. The use of symbols retells the myth of how Venus/Aphrodite had been created/born. In the Venus Marina, Pompeii, she is displayed laying nude across a scallop shell that appears to be floating in the sea, this is a strong display of the myth and the story of her birth. Showing perhaps the sea in which she had arisen from foam in, and the scallop shell in which she had floated to Cyprus upon, which is also used to display the female genitals, another symbol that expresses the myth of Aphrodite/Venus is the bellowing shawl that she holds, this also shows how she had been blown to Cyprus. The scallop shell and wind is a symbol of her journey to Cyprus after…show more content…
Cupid the son of Aphrodite, and the Sea Nereid are often displayed in artworks depicting her creation. The Nereid appears to be riding a dolphin, these can both be seen as symbols of the sea, being a part of Venus’ creation. Cupid the representation/god of desire is often shown in the presence of his mother. Venus is the most prominent image in this piece, she is surrounded by symbols of her creation that expresses her story, and she has been depicted to be a flawless figure, very open and free about her sexuality. The use of jewellery shows that she is an upper-class figure, this can also be seen to be used to express her wealth. The use of colours surrounding her, also captures the viewer’s attention, with a strong wash of blue tones engulfing Venus and the surrounding symbols, making them appear to be surfacing from within the sea itself. As Venus had during her birth. This being one of the more prominent use of symbols within the work. The ‘Venus Marina’ is a vivid depiction that conveys the story/myth of Venus/Aphrodite

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