Native American Creation Myths

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Despite there being many differences in the creation myths of the world, each myth holds a distinct parallel that characterizes the way the world came to be as well as how it functions. In the Native American myth, The World on the Turtle's Back, the creation story is portrayed through a very different light then what is seen in the Greek creation myth. By doing a comparison of these myths, any similarities or differences can be easily seen. These two myths, as well as several others around the world, begin in a similar fashion. Both myths begin with no world being present. Instead, each universe began as a void, a vast emptiness with only darkness as the companion to nothingness. In the Native American Myth, states that there was no land,…show more content…
Just as there is day and night, so is there good and evil. The right handed twin and the left handed twin become advocates for good and bad as soon as they are born. The right handed twin wishes to be born the natural way so he does not hurt their mother. The left handed twin wishes to be born out of his mother's left armpit. This action kills their mother and the twins continue to quarrel as a result. The Sky Woman favored the left handed twin. The right handed twin is called right because he always tries to do what is right. The left handed twin is called the crooked one because he never said what he meant or meant what he said. Their quarreling becomes a competition and they begin to create animals and other such creatures in a battle against each other. Before his death, Uranus promised that Cronus and the Titans would be punished. Cronus took these words to heart, seeing as a prophesy stated that he would be overthrown by a son. Paranoid, Cronus swallowed each of his children as they were born. By doing so, he became even more of a tyrant. Rhea, his sister and wife, plotted against him for this. She hid her sixth child (Zeus) from him and had him swallow a disguised rock. Zeus grew up and returned to Mount Olympus with a drink designed to make Cronus vomit up his other children. The plan worked and Zeus' brothers and sisters were freed. In both stories, the next…show more content…
The final battles between good and evil forces bring about the human race, the final necessity to a new world. The right handed twin won in the final battle against his twin by lying which is such a strange twist to someone who prided himself on his honesty. The right handed twin then went on to live in Sky World while his brother lived off the edge of the world. Both brothers make it their duty to oversee the world and the affairs of men which they created together. Zeus defeated Cronus and the age of the gods came into place. Humans were not created as a part of balance as they were in the Native American myth. Instead, humans were created because gods wanted something in their image. The gods allowed the Titan brothers Prometheus and Epimetheus to gift the animals and other inhabitants of the Earth. However, the human race was left defenseless. Prometheus felt pity for the human race and gifted them with knowledge and fire which greatly angered Zeus. The gods never wanted to help the humans. They had left them defenseless on purpose. Although the human race was created in both myths, neither had the same purposes. One used humans as a way to balance out nature. The other saw humans as a play thing of sorts. Even with different characteristics, each came to the same conclusion with the world being set up in a way that we see it

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