Similarities Between Japan And Japan

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SIMILARITIES: both of the countries are very modern countries. they are all counting on the new technology that the world is having. and also both of the countries are islands. and the size of the both island are quite similar. and both of the countries are having their one native language which are english for British Isles and Japanese for Japan archipelago. On the other hand. differences are more then similarities between this two heart countries. there are four main differences which is in location, history, language and urbanism. LOCATION: Great Britain is an island. Which is located in the northwest of continental Europe. And east of Ireland. English Channel and North Sea separate the island from the European continent. It is the ninth-largest and third most populous island in the world. It is surrounded by over 1,000 smaller islands and islets. Great Britain is a political term to describe England, Scotland and Wales. It is different from The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Island, since United Kingdom includes Northern Ireland as well.…show more content…
however , it is located in the Pacific Ocean is officially called the Nippon Koku, which means State of Japan. The neighboring countries of North Korea, South Korea, Russia and China are located west of Japan. The islands of Japan lies east of Sea of Japan, and the East China Sea is situated to its south and the Philippine Sea to its southeast. Japan comprises 6852 islands, Honshu, Kyushu, Shikoku and Hokkaido are the largest and prominent islands of Japan. In fact, about 80% of Japan’s population lives on Honshu
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