Bravery In Wes Ball's The Maze Runner

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“Bravery in the Maze” Wes Ball’s The Maze Runner, which was released in 2014, has received mainly praises and favorable critical reviews. This film succeeded in getting good feedbacks from the audience, promising this to be an unforgettable movie. The Maze Runner is considered better than most of the young adult science-fiction film adaptations due to the “strong performances and the mysterious atmosphere”. The part which the majority agreed on is facing fear with bravery. Thomas and Minho, the main characters in the movie, were trapped in the maze and had to find the way out before the enemies, named the Grievers, attacked them. Naturally, there were some conflicts between the two lead characters as they were struggling without cooperating. If not for the collaborations and communication between them, it would not have been possible to survive. In The Maze Runner, the goal was survival and solving the maze to find the exit to reality. Thomas was the main protagonist of the story. Thomas woke up bottled up in an elevator car, nicknamed “The Box”, and was brought to a place called Glade, where everyone revolved around him. Eventually, Thomas was became known as one of the Gladers. Frequently, he had a single-mindedness…show more content…
He decided the best way to solve the Maze was to face the challenges by retrieving his lost memory. Finally, he and Teresa figured out that the Maze was actually a code for both of them. “It was me and you, Thomas. We did this to them. To us,” said Teresa. Then, Thomas had the confidence to assert himself as a leader in order to help everyone escape. He was daring to come up with a risky plan to escape and the plan worked, but half of the group died during the escape. This shows that Thomas was brave to plan the escape and he

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