Lupus Informative Speech

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Have you ever been sick and wondered why or how you got yourself into something or wondered where it all came from and how your life going to go with it. Well Lupus is systemic disease and its affects your life completely. These are questions people ask themselves every day that have Lupus. SLE known as Lupus can affect your daily life, your future and change the path of your goals. Lupus can affect your daily life as a teenager in so many ways. Lupus can change everything about you, from something is small as getting up in the morning to start your day. According to the book “For inquiring Teens with Lupus” written by Nichole Niles, “Being diagnosed with Lupus can be a scary thing for teenagers to experience. Many of us feel like no one understands what we go through; you might realize that there are others out there that share your same thoughts, feelings and problems.” Lupus can affect your physical activities such as playing sports, as well…show more content…
Before being diagnosed with lupus you might have already had future plans in life, well lupus can’t destroy it but it can actually put more impact on your future. From the book “Living with lupus; it’s time for a change.” It says “School is usually manageable for people with lupus. Doing your best in school will help achieve you. Sometimes lupus can affect concentration & memory (problems in these areas can make school difficult).” Shelia Rittgers. Pursuing your education after high school can be a little bit more challenging because you’re becoming more independent and less dependent on family and friends. Making sure you keep in contact with counselors, whether at your school or in your local area will help relieve some of the stress. Sometimes setting a schedule can help also with memory. Once you find the balance in your schooling and daily living it will get easier. So once you finish your higher education, and you are in your career, you might want to think about starting a

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