Leeland Job History

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Actions speak louder than words. You can never tell what is going on in a person's mind. We can only assume or guess how that person feels or thinks based on their actions. In these short stories in A Good man is Hard to Find, A Rose for Emily and Job History the author does not give us insight into the main characters thoughts or emotions. We judge these characters the same way we judge people in society. But we can’t always judge a book by its cover. We can somehow relate to these characters or understand what they are going through if we were in their shoes. To write a short story from a third person omniscient, we have to embody their thoughts, ideas and emotions without these elements in a short story, there are no value or morals in A Good man is Hard to Find, A Rose for Emily and Job History. Each story, we take away…show more content…
In Job History, it’s about a man named Leeland, who grows up in the small town in Wyoming. The story is told from someone else point of view. Leeland is a hardworking man providing for his family. There are many ways that we can describe Leeland life and the town the he grew up in and how it had an effect on him. Leeland is a typical white man living in a small town where there hardly any work or a way out for his family to enjoy life. Leeland grew up in Cora, Wyoming and seems like it's not the right place to raise a family, he has seen what his parents went through to make ends meet. Also, the story shows you that having a family at a young age and not being educated also hurt you, in the long run. Leeland didn’t finish high school, he joined the military for six years and end up having is first child at the age 17or 18. Leeland is like any man in the world who works and comes home, providing his family with

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