Similarities Between Animal Farm And The Russian Revolution

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Animal Farm by George Orwell is a story that is a great representation of the Russian Revolution. The Russian Revolution in 1917 ended centuries of imperial rule and started political and social changes that would eventually lead to the formation of the Soviet Union. For years, Russian workers had been treated unfairly and had been waiting for a time to revolt. The Bloody Sunday Massacre in 1905 occurred when many Russians were protesting against the monarchy and hundreds of unarmed protesters were killed by troops of the czar. Eventually after many more small revolutions, in 1917, Vladimir Lenin launched the Bolshevik government that would rebel against the Russian monarchy and cause a civil war. This war would end in 1923 as Lenin’s Bolshevik Red Army defeated the monarchy, capitalist, and other remaining Russians fighting for the survival of the monarchy and…show more content…
The way that the animals overcome human rule and eventually come to be led by Napoleon in Animal Farm is the plot of the story and is virtually a mirror image of the Russian Revolution. The first similarity between Animal Farm and the Russian Revolution is the Bloody Sunday Massacre in 1905 and the part in the book where Mr. Jones forgot to feed the farm animals. In the book, Mr. Jones forgot to feed the already hungry and unfairly treated animals. This event occurs and causes the animals to want to rebel against human rule even more than they already did. This is similar to the Bloody Sunday Massacre of 1905 because the protesters Berry 2of the monarchy in Russia were already mad, but then hundreds of them got abruptly shot by the security and officials of Russia. Both of these events ultimately led to the rebellions against each situations imperial rule. In Animal Farm, the animals ended up rebelling against Mr. Jones’ rule at the farm and in the Russian Revolution, Lenin and the Bolshevik’s rebelled
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