Silence In The Night Analysis

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As a consequence of their common outsider status, Kerewin, Joe and Simon seem inextricably tied together from the first day, for better or worse, whether they like it or not. However, because they are all exponents of very different means of communication like Simon expresses himself in eloquent silence, Kerewin with an extravagant vocabulary and Joe through proficiency in violence so there is an eerie tension in their relationship. Kerewin knows that Joe beats and belts Simon whenever the child is devilishly uncontrollable, which he often is, and invites them on a holiday to her family land at Moerangi so that they can have a break from the troubles and pressures of everyday life. In many ways this is a blissful time for instance, a feast in nature and its wonders during the day and in meals, yarns and storytelling at night time; a trembling happiness at just being together.…show more content…
He is no longer just the ‘very unlikely but strangely likeable brat’ (96); seen in this natural environment, he is the ‘sun child’ (143),’the listener to the silence of God on deserted beaches’(315). She assumes responsibility and no longer despises the idea of getting ‘involved’. Even the hitherto repressed Joe’s violence towards Simon is brought up and Kerewin agrees to assist Joe in the child’s upbringing. Still the reader has apprehension about darkening horizons, mostly suggested by Simon’s dreams and inner thoughts. He is both vulnerable and fearless, and secretly he instigates a fierce physical fight between Kerewin and Joe in order to ‘get rid of the anger....with blows, with pain, then pity , then repair, then good humour again,’ because ‘ there isn’t much time left for anything to grow anymore. It must be in this place, or the break will come and nothing will grow anymore’
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