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Silence of the Lambs: Final Film Analysis The psycho-thriller, Silence of the Lambs, directed by Jonathan Demme is one of those movies that truly scares you in more ways than one. The main characters, Hannibal Lector, a doctor turned serial killer and Clarice Starling, a FBI trainee who is initially recruited to study Lector but wines up befriending him to gain his insight to solve a nationwide crime. Throughout the movie the tension builds as they get closer catching to Buffalo Bill and Lector gets his way with Clarice by getting to assess her childhood and her ‘lambs’. Silence of the Lambs starts with Clarice Starling being pulled from her training at the FBI Academy where her superior, Jack Crawford, assigns her to interview Hannibal…show more content…
Lector gives her back the case files on Buffalo Bill yet Dr. Chilton interrupts their conversation and the police escort her from the building. Later that evening, Lector kills his guards, escapes from his cell and disappears. Clarice analyzes Lector's notes in the case files and realizes that Buffalo Bill knew his first victim personally; he “coveted” her. Clarice travels to the victim's home and discovers that Buffalo Bill was a tailor where she has a revelation that he had dress with patches the same places as the skin he took from the victims. She then calls Crawford to inform him that Buffalo Bill is trying to make a "woman suit" of real skin, but Crawford is already en route to make an arrest, having cross-referenced Lector's notes with hospital archives and finding a man named Jame Gumb, who once applied unsuccessfully for a sex-change operation. Clarice continues interviewing friends of Buffalo Bill's first victim in Ohio while Crawford leads an FBI team to Gumb's address in Illinois ("Silence of the Lambs."). The house in Illinois is empty, and Clarice is led to the house of "Jack Gordon", who she quickly realizes is actually Jame Gumb or Buffalo Bull, after finding a sphinx moth ("Silence of the Lambs."). She pursues him into his basement, where she discovers that Catherine is still alive, but trapped in a well. After turning

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