The Great Gatsby Chapter 5 Summary

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Chapter 5 Nick invites Gatsby to tea with Daisy, he previously sends flowers and has the lawn mowed; and when the day arrives, he is surprisingly very nervous; he is afraid that she is not coming, that he doesn't look good enough, he is basically insecure and double thinking everything. And after Daisy arrives, Nick tries to leave the two alone but the silence is so awkward he decides to join them again, he then goes out into the rain while the two of them try to talk, and when he finally comes back he finds gatsby glowing and daisy crying. After this, the three go to Gatsby's house to get a tour of the mansion, when they reach the bedroom, Daisy starts crying when seeing a pile of expensive shirts because of how beautiful they are,and he points out that from his window, he can see the green light at the end of Daisy's dock. Gatsby also highlights that the large framed picture is Mr. Dan Cody, an old friend. Then Daisy and Gatsby start dancing with the piano tune and Nick goes home. Throughout the whole chapter we can see the past and the present colliding a lot, for example, “Gatsby is nervous on the day of the meeting. Though it's raining he sends a man to cut Nick's grass, and also makes sure Nick's house is full of flowers. Gatsby disappears just as Daisy arrives. When Gatsby arrives at Nick's front door, he looks pale and deathlike, and knocks over a clock by mistake.” this quote expresses how Gatsby has devoted his time into recreating the past, in this…show more content…
It was also obvious that Gatsby bought and decorated the house in such a fine way just to impress Daisy; I really enjoyed this chapter but find curiosity towards knowing who Mr. Dan Cody is, (the man in the

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