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The movie “Casablanca” takes place in western Morocco, Africa. The time period is during World War 2 it is December 1941 and there is a man named Rick Blaine, he owns a bar in the city of Casablanca. Many people have been coming to Casablanca because it has a plane that goes to the United States. The main character (Rick Blaine) was in love with another character (Ilsa Lund) that shows up with a man that has escaped from a concentration camp in germany and his name is Victor Laszlo. Both Victor and Ilsa are looking for travel visas, a man by the name of Signor Ugarte comes into the bar with stolen travel visas and he tells rick to hold onto them for later. Signor Ugarte gets arrested and Rick keeps the visas. There is a flashback to May 10th, 1940 when Rick and Ilsa were going to leave France because it was under attack by the germans. Rick was left alone by Ilsa and she went with Victor and Rick didn’t know that she was married to him till the end of the story.…show more content…
Ilsa overhears someone talking about Rick and she ask a waiter to call over the pianist Sam and she ask him to play “As Time Goes By”. Rick rushes down and ask Sam why he is playing that song, because that was Rick and Ilsa’s love song and Rick told sam not to play the song again. Sam stops and looks over at Ilsa while Rick is asking him to stop, and Rick notices Ilsa and they start talking. Rick ask Ilsa why she left him but she couldn’t answer. As the movie goes on Ilsa and Victor try to get the visas and leave as soon as possible. But Rick won’t give it to them, so Ilsa sneaks into the bar and finds her way into Rick’s office. Rick finds her waiting for him in his office and he makes a deal with her that if she lets him get arrested that he will go to america with

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