Green Light In The Great Gatsby

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Throughout ‘The Great Gatsby’ events of the story are observed through Nick Carraway’s eyes and it is through him that the distinction of Gatsby to the rest of the characters can be seen. At first he feels that Gatsby is no different but as the novel progresses he realizes that Gatsby has characteristics that the other characters don’t. This all makes Nick comprehend that the value of Gatsby is irreplaceable in comparison to the other money makers in the roaring twenty society. From the first glimpse of the novel’s characters, distinction is apparent. Daisy and Jordan display their purposeless flow through the symbolism of how they lounge on a white-couch, “buoyed up as though upon an anchored balloon”. The balloon represents the drift that the wealthy go through as they are bored with their lives. Contrastingly, the first glance of Gatsby is magical as he is seen reaching out to “a single green light”. The green light carries a significance as it represents Gatsby’s colossal dream of reuniting with Daisy. This separates Gatsby as he is a dreamer with a sense of a goal. Nick admires his sense of hope and anticipation to have a purpose over the wealthy whom are living…show more content…
The guests of the party drink bottomless, barely remember one another’s names and do not bother greeting the host. Gatsby is not only humble with his invite but he also pays full attention to Nick by rewarding him with a “rare smile” that has “ a quality of eternal reassurance in it”. Instead of becoming a bird to the wild flock, Gatsby observes the crowd from a far and refrains from immoral drinking. Nick expects this behaviour of people as he comes from the Midwest where he was brought up in acceptable morals, thus when Gatsby exhibits such etiquette Nick finds it prominent and worthy beside the
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