Substance Abuse In Alice In Wonderland

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“Alice in Wonderland” is a strange story that we’ve all heard. The colorful scenery and a mushroom that turns people into giants and midgets make it hard not to think of drugs. The anonymous author of “Go Ask Alice” also seems to know this since she referenced it after an amazing LSD trip. She says it herself: “I feel like Alice in Wonderland,” with the “Wonderland” being the drugs. However, the teenage girl who wrote this book/diary soon found out the horrors of drug addiction and what more comes with it. As strange as it seems, there are is an uncommon number of similarities between my life and this book. This booking is a coming of age story, so most teenagers can relate. There is a quote in this book that I agree with and even said something similar to. The writer, who I’ll call anonymous, says “Adolescents have a very rocky insecure time. Grown-ups treat them like children and yet expect them to act like adults.” If this came from an avid drug user, then why is it so hard for adults to understand? Speaking of understanding, I felt like I’ve known anonymous my whole life when I read this book. She just knows how if feels like to live as a teenager and experience…show more content…
One of the more obvious contrasts is that anonymous does heavy drugs and the worst I’ve done is laughing gas at the dentists’ office. She also runs away from home twice to pursue doing drugs, but she returns. Anonymous also goes to a mental institution after accidentally eating a peanut laced with drugs. Throughout the two years described in the diary, anonymous is very insecure. And this diary is written during the 1960’s to 1970’s. Teenagers were still discovering themselves. Anonymous has also been through depression, prostitution, and sexual assault. You can see how my life is different than her’s. I’m a secure teenager in the 21st century. But even though drugs are easier to access now, I’m not eager to try

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