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Eddie Murphy is a profound actor and Comedian across the globe, known for his big roles in movies such as, Beverly Hills Cop, Norbit, and Boomerang. Murphy was born on April 3, 1961 in Brooklyn, New York. At 3 Murphy’s parents divorced a year later his father Charles Murphy died. Shortly after his father’s death Murphy’s mother was admitted into the hospital for a year and a half, after she was released she quickly married Vernon Lynch a foreman at an ice cream factory. When Murphy was 9 Vernon moved them to a primarily black neighborhood in Long Island.1 As a young teenager Murphy performed doing stand-up comedy at local mom and pop coffee shops. Although never a dedicated student, Murphy was a very agile speaker in the sense his ability to come up with things quickly off the top of his head was very good. In his process of becoming a stand-up comedian his school work wasn’t made his number one priority and because of this the result was Murphy repeating the 10th grade. When Murphy was 15 he hosted his first “gig” so to say by having a talent show at a local youth center entertaining people with his impersonation of Al Greene.2 Although not very dedicated to his school work Murphy made sure he passed the 12th grade by doubling up his classes during summer school. His work paid off, graduating only two months late. Although busy with Nassau…show more content…
In 1982 Eddie Murphy earned a Grammy nomination for a live album of fresh stand-up material called Eddie Murphy: Comedian. The album soon went gold. At only 21 Murphy has been nominated for a Grammy and landed his first major role alongside Nick Holte in the movie 48 Hours (1982). Murphy was so confident and enthusiastic that he even convinced the director to change his character (Fast Talking Convict) to a more black speaking urban style

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