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The death of Glauce: More Dramatic in the Text Medea’s revenge on Jason would not be complete without her destroying the only chance he has to gain an heir. By killing Glauce she satisfies the jealousy she feels toward her husband’s new wife. Jason’s oath to Medea meant nothing after he married Glauce, and so by killing Glauce she is using her need for vengeance by targeting the woman who has Jason. The death of Glauce is depicted differently according to Euripides, and Lars Von Trier. While watching the film the viewer never gets to see Glauce die. All that is on screen is her cutting her finger on the poisoned crown. We know the crown is poisoned and it is assumed that she dies. Her death as written is much more dramatic and…show more content…
The film shows us her heartbreak with close-ups of her face in anguished expressions. It seems that Lars Von Trier felt sympathetic towards Medea’s situation and that greatly influenced his portrayal of her in his film. In the case of Glauce’s death we see his favor towards Medea in the way he differed from the original play. If the viewer had seen Glauce screaming in pain and engulfed in flames they might harbor negative feeling toward Medea’s character. If Lars Von Trier had shown Glauce in agony the viewer would view Medea as truly sadistic. In the same sense that even when she was hanging her own children the camera focuses in on her face, her pain. Euripides on the other hand has a different view on Medea and her actions. Jason yells at Medea “you hateful thing you woman most utterly loathed” (Euripides, 1323) Jason’s pain is yet another thing that Lars Von Trier decided to omit from the film to garner more sympathy for Medea. His wife’s body is ashes and Medea tells him at the end of the play “bury your bride” (Euripides, 1394). Medea is constantly being called a monster, “a monster, not a woman”, in the play, she is shown as an evil murderess (Euripides,

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