Mildred In Fahrenheit 451

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Daeun Lee 10th 09/30/15 English 10 Character analysis Mildred Character analysis. The book called Fahrenheit 451 is written by Ray Brad Bury. This book is about a society that burns books, and one of the fireman tries to conserve books and read it. There is a woman called Mildred in Fahrenheit 451, is the loneliest person in the story. These easy will show specific characteristic of Mildred. Mildred has sad and lonely characteristic because she tried to kill herself by taking lots of drugs. This shows that she is in great pain. She seems to be trying to distract herself from her sadness and loneliness by watching television or trying to fill her emptiness. In other part she didn’t remember that she attempted suicide, or maybe she pretended to not remember it. This shows when Mildred says, “What would I want to go and do a silly thing like that for? I didn’t do that never in a billion years.”(p.19)…show more content…
This shows when Mildred says, “He might come and burn the house and the family. That’s awful!”(p73) She was worried that Captain Beatty will notice what Montag did and burn the house. Here we can see that Mildred is more realistic than Montag. She is afraid of the consequences that she will face. In this story Mildred is a static character. She remains with same characteristics. She doesn’t changes her mind towards the book. This shows when Mildred is talking with Montag, “Books aren’t people. You read and I look around, but there isn’t anybody.”(p73). She thinks that books are meaningless, and

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