Examples Of Cultural Encounters

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Culture: Is quality, behaviour and beliefs characteristic of a particular social, ethnic, or age group: in a person or society that arises from a concern for what is considered as excellent in arts, letters, scholarly pursuits, etc. and there are some various cultures such as; American culture, Indian culture, African culture etc. Generally speaking, culture encounter is about acting of directly interacting with people from culturally diverse backgrounds. The way we understand. Cultural encounters: is based on a dynamic perception of culture. We see culture as an umbrella term for the way, we as people see and interpret the world we live in. we have many different types of cultures encounters such as; corporate encounter, culture of diversity,…show more content…
Several aspects have discussed. One of them, is lack of knowledge about foreign exchange, due to he couldn’t differ or doing calculation the rate of U.S Dollar and Rupee, so that he needs to purchase something, he always miscalculated and, bring the anger of his employer his name is Sahib. Secondly, the cultural difference between Santosh and his surroundings in Washington makes him annoyed. Actually, the matter of language, this kind of problem disturbs him. Later on, Santosh realizes and changes of his appearance, his opinion about Washington is totally changed. While he always thought that he is like in the prison. However, now he became more comfortable with his own life in U.S. and no longer wants to go back home, and this quite different with Santosh before he realized his that. By this changing, he feels like he has taken over to get into society of Washington. He no longer felt himself strange person from India among people in

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