Washington Bridge Traffic Problem Essay

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Traffic issues on Washington Bridge Abstract Over the Washington Bridge, during the early morning and in the evening, traffic is always an issue mostly due to overnight road construction or some partially closed lanes. Very often people have to wait for over one hour or two just to drive passed the traffic and cross the bridge because of some traffic build up over time. This proposal is about raising the awareness and coming up with solutions to help fixing that problem once for all. The proposed solution is to study the flow of cars crossing the bridge at night and or any time during the day by using a Matlab program to predict what type of cars crossing the bridge and at what time and determine what time to work on the road and which lane to close. Introduction Major problem many people from New Jersey, Rockland and other places from the other side of the Hudson River are facing in the morning is the traffic crossing the river to come to the city or other areas to work, to school, to the airports, or to other activities that required crossing the…show more content…
We will conduct surveys on the road to determine how many cars crossing the bridge on the 24 hour basis and using Matlab as software to analyze and interpret the data and come up with solutions to help solve the issue. First, we will have to know the main reason why people are taking the bridge in the morning. Second, we have to figure out the types of cars are crossing the bridge more at any times of the day; is it passenger cars, transport, bus, trailers, etc. Third, we will come up with the types of incentives to put in place to encourage car users to take buses instead of driving their own cars. Finally, we will have to determine how to reach the construction companies to let them know about our research and help them to implement our

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