Events That Have Shaped Me Analysis

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Introduction There are many of different events that have shaped me into the young man I am. These events have shaped me into a humble, well organized, caring, helpful young man. While looking back on each of these events they don’t seem like much. But as you analyze it, you realize just how much they’ve shaped you. These events small or big have impacted me in some sort of way. All of them happen you shape me into what I am today. Scouting This next event impacted me quite a bit ever since I was young I’ve been in Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts. Being in these great character developing programs was such a blessing. Having learned many of different things like how to camp, put up a tent, fish, tie knots, publicly speak, become a better leader, bond with others from different areas, and so much more without this great life changing program. Thinking back on it all, it changed me into a modeled citizen. Especially since that program has impacted my life for over 12 years. Also I am about to achieve my Eagle Scout rank which is earned by six percent of all boy scouts make it to that rank. Moving…show more content…
Lucie, FL to Dunnellon, FL. The reason being is because it was a big change from living close to everything, going to the beach every other weekend. To everything being spread out having to drive to do anything. It helped me to adjust to different situations, to make the best out of as much as I can, and it taught me a good work ethic. After that event came finishing up my middle school years which is an eventful part of my life. Finding my strengths and weaknesses through having many of different classes. Also it helped me to find out what I sort of wanted to do which is be some sort of
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