7th Grade Narrative

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7th Grade Narrative I hear a loud thud on my door that wakes me up . I slowly walk towards the front door about to punch someone , I open the door and its just my homies Oshea and Tupac. They come in and eat breakfast with me. My mom made us warm and crispy bacon when she put it on my plate I could still hear it sizzling and when I took a bite it tasted like heaven. When we get to school me and Oshea go straight to history. When I walk in the classroom I see the most beautiful girl. Oshea looks at me and says “go talk to her”. I say “no maybe in math class” Oshea shakes his head and finds a seat I sit down next to him. The history teacher gives a big lecture but all I can think about is this girl. I walk into my math class and see her and say “Hi, i'm Ryder”…show more content…
Me and her carry on a conversation about school for a while then a big kid walks up behind me. I turn around then he yells “Why are you talking to my girl!”. The big kid has a tattoo on his arm that reads “I am Andre” I step back and say “sorry”, I start to walk away and then he shoves me to the ground. I get up off the ground and throw him across the classroom. While Andre is in mid air the teacher walks in. The teacher sends me and Andre to guidance, while we are walking to guidance but as soon as we turn the corner Andre mumbles something but I don't pay attention. I watch Andre walk out of the guidance office with a big smile on his face. I hear the teacher say “Ryder Hugueley”, I walk into the office and she says “Please have a seat. Me and her talk about what happened and she gives me

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